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2016 Halo Clutch and Brake

All our levers feature a 6 point on the fly adjusting mechanism, with a folding blade to reduce the chance of breakage in case of a crash. All blades have an aero slot to reduce drag at high speed.

New Driven Racing Paddock Stands

This month Driven Racing is proud to release our Paddock Stands in 3 different versions.
Part number and retail price:

Rear Spool Stand(DPS-RSS)  -  $98.99
Front Fork Stand(DPS-FF) - $98.99
Front Head Lift Stand(DPS-FHL) - 128.99


New Captive Wheel Spacers for Kawasaki

Captive Wheel Spacers Features: Held in place by dust seal Anodized for superior corrosion resistance ideal for racers/trackday enthusiasts. Helps prevent losing wheel spacers during wheel removal.