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Introducing The Mantis

It's Here! Introducing the Mantis, by Driven RacingŊ Mantis is a ground-breaking new electronic tire temperature sensor, designed specifically for motorcycles. Using a sophisticated infrared sensor, the Mantis reads and displays to the rider front and rear tire surface temperatures in real time. Tire surface temperature is a crucial variable in maximizing the tireӳ ability to adhere to the road surface. Traction is extremely important on a motorcycle, for safety and performance. Knowing the tireӳ temperature in real time allows the rider to make adjustments which will keep the tires operating in their optimal temperature range. Riding with your tires at their optimal temperature increases grip and extends the tireӳ life. Installing the Mantis digital tire temperature sensor is a simple matter, requiring only a few hand tools, and can be installed by an experienced technician in less than 30 minutes. Maintenance on the Mantis is fast and easy. Prior to riding on the track, use a clean cotton swab to remove dirt and debris from the lens on each sensor. The Mantis is not bike-specific and will fit most modern motorcycles. For use on multiple motorcycles, additional wire harnesses are available for purchase, to facilitate swapping the Mantis between motorcycles quickly and easily.


Part Number: A00003

MSRP: $329.95

Driven Mantis on the Track